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Whoa, February started and ended with some big surprises! The Falcons looked sure to take the Super Bowl at half time. But the Patriots, led by Tom Brady, stole the Win with amazing moves in the second half.

Then on Oscars night another jolt: La La Land is announced as Best Picture, Emma Stone and others are giving acceptance speeches and OOPS! Sorry,it’s actually Moonlight that wins. More cheers and tears — and amazement. Special congrats to Moonlight and to Mahershala Ali for winning Best Supporting Actor!

You never know what life will throw at you, good or bad. People who endured so much recent flooding can attest to that. But they will recover and start again, with a new appreciation for all they have.

If you’re having a tough time financially and you need some relief, check out March Free Money Highlights now. There’s news about grants for disability, housing, money for school, paying for home improvements, getting money for your business and more. Remember, taxes are coming up — we have some help for that too:

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March Free Money Highlights

Disability Grants

Did you know that more than 56 million Americans live with disabilities, and more than 38 million of those disabilities are classified as severe? Our newest article details the grants, programs an services that are available to assist those with disabilities and those that care for them. If you are disabled or if you care for someone who is, you will want to check out Disability Grants.

Grants for Housing

Warning: first time house buyers are expected to return to the market in droves this spring. That’s according to news just out from It reports that of those now looking at purchasing a house in 2017, 52% are first-time buyers. That’s an increase of 33% over last year. Realtor says that potential buyers start looking months in advance. So increased activity now likely means lots of buying a few months out.

Between that data and the fact that the Fed is rumbling louder than ever about coming interest rate increases, you should probably move now if you’re interested in a new home. Be prepared! If you’re a first time buyer be sure to take a look at Grants for First Time Home Buyers. And whether you’re buying for the first time or you’re a seasoned house buyer, everyone can benefit from the tips in Government Grants to Purchase a Home.

Are you looking to buy or rent in the San Francisco Bay Area? Yes, it can definitely be pricey. But there will be a lot of new mid- and lower-income housing available around Facebook headquarters sometime in the not too distant future. Facebook has announced a very large financial contribution to surrounding cities Menlo Park and East Palo Alto for the housing and more. Find out more in our recent update to Grants for Housing.

Anxious to make some home improvements but you don’t have the cash? We’ve got a new update that can help you there. There are lots of large grants that get made to community agencies and non-profits. Those organizations then provide help directly to individuals — like you! Our article about Home Improvement Grants offers some great advice about how to find government help that is available in your local area.

And remember — no matter what your housing needs, Home Grants is a great overview of what’s available to help you find a rental you can afford, buy a house, keep your house, get help from your state and more.

Grants for Business

Need some cash for your business but you’re a little intimidated about going for a loan? A lot of people feel the same way! But sometimes it’s your best option. Our latest update to Small Business Loans gives you the proven Steps to Success for acing that loan request.

Don’t forget about Microfinancing! Especially if you’re looking for a small loan and maybe you don’t have a lot of business experience or any relationship with a bank. In New York City there’s an organization specializing in loans to businesses like restaurants, retail, light manufacturing and more — up to $50,000. If you’re not in NYC check out our article on Microfinancing Opportunities and learn more about these folks and others not limited to New York.

Single Moms: want to do some work at home but you don’t want to get ripped off by some scheme? Take a look at our advice about what to look for - and avoid - in Grants for Single Moms. Whatever your business needs you’ll get some great insights in Grants for Small Business and Fund a Startup Business.

Grants for School

Scholarships aren’t grants but they’re just as good — they are real “free money” that you never have to pay back. You can learn a lot about finding the right one in Where to Find Scholarships. Our latest update highlights the Association of Latino Professionals for America Scholarship Program — a nice opportunity!

You’ve filled out your FAFSA right? Remember that you have to complete a new one every year. And it qualifies you for so much more than just government student aid: loans, scholarships, work-study programs and more! The Pell Grants are the best if you qualify — and they also are an interesting indicator of a school’s diversity and how schools are ranked. Find out more in Pell Grants.

Other Free Money Highlights

Taxes Taxes Taxes

Yes, ready or not they’re coming right up! The longer you procrastinate the more painful it will be. If you take action now you can avoid frustration later — and maybe penalties too. There are more and more agencies and organizations offering free help with taxes and you would be wise to take advantage of their services. They can help keep you out of trouble and sometimes even get you out of trouble — or refer you to someone who can. Take a look at Free Tax Help and put together your plan sooner rather than later.

Grant Search Tips

Have you ever taken a look at the Federal Register? It’s not exactly easy reading but it does contain some pretty interesting information. It includes all government announcements, new laws, grant opportunities, executive orders and more. This could get pretty interesting with a new president…). We give some advice about how to do an effective search of the site as well as how find some interesting tutorials — like one about understanding the Electoral College…

Happy March: Spring here we come!

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