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Happy November: we’ve just said goodbye to the World Series (congrats Red Sox!) and Halloween, now Thanksgiving will be here before you know it - and the NFL will take our attention through the end of the year (and beyond).

Fun facts: Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving. If Benjamin Franklin had his way the turkey would be our national bird, not the eagle. And roast turkey was actually the first meal eaten by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after they landed on the moon. Pretty special bird!

Hope you enjoyed last month’s Halloween spending tips — this month we serve up important strategies for Black Friday shopping. See how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Check it out in the Personal Needs section of this newsletter.

Our Free Money Highlights also feature news about getting financial help for childcare, an interesting new option for finding an affordable rental, benefits you might not be aware of if you’re a family member of or caregiver for a vet, how to claim your part of the $60 billion that states are holding in unclaimed money, news for students with disabilities, and lots more:

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November Free Money Highlights

Grants for Home

Have you heard of co-living arrangements? These are being offered by some management companies and are mainly targeted at the young. They include a very small personal living space with a bathroom, shared kitchen, other amenities plus “community” via planned events and outings. Discover more in our latest update to Assistance for Rent.

If you’ve suffered some home damage due to natural disasters, check out potential help that could come from block grants. See the latest in Home Repair Help.

If you haven’t yet seen one of our recent article about Land Grants you should take a look. Some really do exist in the United States. And they could be the solution you’re looking for to own some land and your own home for your family. Get the scoop in Land Grants.

If you’re anxious to make some improvements to your home but haven’t quite figured out the financing, see our latest update to Home Improvement Grants. The article covers not just grants but also some useful ideas about how you can find a way to afford those upgrades you want to make — maybe even before the holidays!

Grants for Business

Some good news for women: venture capitalists are realizing how un-level the playing field is for women when it comes to raising money for a business. And they are taking steps to do something about it. Discover which organizations are putting together multi-million dollar funds just for female entrpreneurs in Grants for Women Owned Businesses.

There’s interesting news for minorities too - especially young ones. The Minority Business Development Agency this hear is highlighting support for and promotion of “next gen” entrepreneurs, particularly at historically black colleges. Discover more in our latest update to our review of the MBDA.

Not a woman or a minority? Don’t despair: there’s lots of good news for you too. The economy is booming and this could be a great time for anyone to take the leap and start their own business. We’ve put together some of the best ideas about how to fund a new business, or grow the one you’ve already got. See the latest in Fund a Startup Business, Business Grants, and Microfinancing in the U.S.

Grants for School

If you’re a student with a disability, especially one that is mental, you may be concerned about being able to compete in a college environment. The good news is that, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, more and more schools are offering special accommodations to students with special needs. See if these could be important for you in our latest update to Disability Grants.

Counting on getting some nice grants for your research at your college or university? Be aware that your school might be at risk of losing considerable research funding from the government if they do not support free speech on campus in terms of whom they do and do not allow to come and talk. See the latest in Grants for Research.

Grants for Kids

Child care costs are sky high these days, as you probably know. But do you know how to find some financial help for this care? Get important information about the Child Care Development Fund and, more importantly, how money flows from the federal government to the states and finally to families like yours. There’s help out there for those with kids under 13, or even under 19 if they are unable to take care of themselves. Discover more in our latest update to Assistance for Child Care.

Grants for Personal Needs

For Vets and their families and caregivers! If you are the family member of a vet, or a caregiver for a vet, you could be entitled to benefits many don’t even know about. These could include home loans, healthcare programs, life insurance and financial assistance for school. Take a look at the Getting Veterans Benefits section of Government Benefits States are holding more than $60 billion in unclaimed money and other property. Are they doing all they can to find the rightful owners (like maybe you?). Get more details and discover how you can take the initiative to find and claim money that could be yours in the recently updated Free Unclaimed Money.

Are you thinking about applying for a government job? See the latest news about potential pay raises for federal employees coming up in 2019 in Government Benefits.

Free Money Phone Call Scams

This is super important: There are more and more of these calls being made. And more and more people are getting taken for their hard earned cash! Please, please, please see the latest in Free Money Phone Call Scams and protect yourself!

We’re sad to report the final facts on this previously excellent but now defunct website. Fortunately there is still some help and information to be had if you know where to look. Get the latest in our (final) update to

Black Friday Shopping Strategies

  • Stay organized: avoid over-spending by making a list before you head out to shop. Remind yourself that no matter how great a deal looks, if you don’t need the item it’s a waste of your money!
  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Take advantage of social media to get up to the minute info about the best sales.
  • Check slickdeals to find fun deals happening at any time.
  • Have fun!
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