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**Black Business News Highlights** **Black Business News Highlights**
 +**Update June 2019**
 +Could the Small Business Administration -- and even the Minority Business Development Agency -- go away after the 2020 elections? It's possible, Depending on who wins. The good news is that everyone is pro-minority business and entrepreneurship, so some promising new programs could appear. In the meantime it's a great time right now to take advantage of the programs, training, resources and connections you can get -- for free -- simply by contacting the [[domain_discuss:sba.gov|SBA]] and/or the [[domain_discuss:mbda.gov|MBDA]] to get your own business up and running and/or growing!
**Update May 2018** **Update May 2018**
Recent Updates

Assistance For HARP Eligibility - Don’t assume you’re not eligible for HARP even if you've been turned down before! The Home Affordability Refinancing program was introduced in 2009. It was supposed to help people whose homes had plummeted in valu...

Grants For Single Moms - We get lots of feedback and requests from single moms in our Grants Community and we know things can be very tough. It's hard to know where to find help. In below we are careful to steer you in directions that cost little or...

Disability Grants - Over the years the number of people classified as disabled has risen dramatically. So have Workers Compensation and SSI benefit payments. While government programs help, most disabled folks need more than what the Social Security d...

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