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=====Help for Women Entrepreneurs===== =====Help for Women Entrepreneurs=====
 +**News September 2018**
 +Guidant Financial recently conducted a survey to learn more about women in business in 2018.  They report that there are currently more than nine million woman-owned businesses in the U.S. Together they employ close to 8 million people and bring in more than a trillion dollars in sales. women make up a little over a quarter of businesses, a significant increase over the percentage in 2017. A little over half of women business owners are less than 50 years old. And, not surprisingly, their number one greatest challenge is getting enough financing to start or grow their business. Guidant recommends ROBS for business financing — this is the practice of using money from your 401k or IRA to finance a business. You can discover more about this option in [[fund_a_startup_business|Fund a Startup Business]].
**Update March 2018** **Update March 2018**
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