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A $30 billion Small Business Loan Fund was created in 2010 in order to encourage more accessible bank loans for small business. Some big banks have been accused of misusing these funds but don't be discouraged. If you are trying to obtain a small business loan and your revenues are less than $50 million annually, try contacting smaller community banks in your area. See if they are promoting new small business loans. It just may be the case because they are being encouraged to help stimulate small businesses. Business suffering? Learn how may help.

Need some new ideas? Get the facts about Grants For Small Business. If you want to explore opportunities offered by non-government groups, there's great information in our article about Small Business Financing Opportunities.

The Small Business Administration does not give grants or loans directly to individuals but they do help subsidize bank loans for small business. They are a great place to start looking for financing.

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Government Money for Business

As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or Recovery Act, Grant-makers are specifying Recovery Act-related grants. These opportunities are accessible online by clicking “View All Opportunities” in the large Recovery.GOV box at the top of the opening page for Though the Act was passed in 2010, there are still opportunities available. Per, 92% of $787 billion in authorized funds has been made available. Of the $787 billion, $275 billion was designated for contracts, grants and loans and over $104 Billion remains to be awarded! You can also search over 26,000 active federal opportunities at the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Individual states are an important place to look for business financing and other support. Each state has their own funds and programs to stimulate their economy and promote job creation. See our state-specific articles for California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas if you live in one of those states. And stay tuned as we add new states on a regular basis.

Looking for women's business funding? Be sure to read our latest article on Grants For Women-Owned Business. And take a look at Small Business Ideas to see how yours measures up — and maybe get some new ideas about starting your business on a shoestring!

The national health care reforms which became law in March of 2010 included a federal program that helps some biotech firms create new therapies. A total of $1 billion was available in the form of grants or tax credits. The deadline has passed, but be sure to check back often to see what else is new — and check the bottom of each page of this site for real-time, late-breaking news about grant opportunities.

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Small Business Grants

While there are many misconceptions about the availability of grants for small businesses owners, that doesn't mean that no grants are out there. The U.S. Small Business Administration does no direct funding of small businesses. On its website the SBA states that although if doesn't directly provide grants to small companies to help them grow their busines or to start a new one, it does offer grants to groups that provide a variety of services to small businesses. Those services include financial support as well as aid related to technical needs and management consulting.

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The SBA does provide support to other organizations which give financial assistance in the form of grants. These grants are usually (if not always) limited to applicants which fall into categories such as those owned by women, minorities, veterans or those with disabilities; those with special qualifications to conduct research or handle specific projects; those located in specific geographic areas; and those needing training or other services rather than financial support. So if you are a business that is owned by women, minorities, vererans, or those with disabilities, you should definitely check out what grants may be available to you!

Where to Look for Small Business Grants

The SBA is still your best place to start when looking for business grants. They maintain information about what money is available for small businesses and what organizations are providing those funds Check their Federal Grants Resources portal to find a list of other agencies offering grants. You can also check the GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) for a list of financial and other assistance available to small businesses, which they arrange by category so you can easily track down grants targeted at specific groups (e.g. women, minorities). Best yet, just fill out the SBA's short online questionnaire with basic information about yourself and your business or business idea, hit Search, and get a list of Loan Programs, Seed & Venture Capital, and Grants for which you may be eligible. is also an excellent source. You may not find a grant specifically meant to help you grow a small business, but there could be one that offers to fund an area of expertise that is relevant to what your business does. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers “small-business grants for research into ‘problems facing American agriculture’ in areas ranging from nutrition to marketing.” High-tech initiatives are sometimes provided by the government’s Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs, which you can also find by searching the listings at

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