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=====Felons Assistance===== =====Felons Assistance=====
 +**Update June 2019**
 +Some ex-offenders who have supposedly “paid their debt” to society find their problems just beginning when they get out of prison. They find that it is next o impossible to find a home to rent once the landlord sees that they have a record. Now there is some help. An organization c called Help for Felons works to create and share lists of potential employers as well as housing in particular areas that are “felon-friendly.” You should start by checking with your local housing authority. Fill out an application so you can get on a wait list for an affordable rental. Go to the Facebook Page Xamir to find lots of info about jobs, programs, housing and other help for ex-offenders. Talk to your parole officer too and see what resources they recommend.
**News December 12 2018**: **News December 12 2018**:
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