Free Money News December 2018

Our last Free Money Newsletter of the 2018: can you believe December is already here? Amidst the buildup of activity surrounding the holidays we first pause for a sad farewell to former President George H.W. Bush. Regardless of anyone’s politics, he was a dedicated and humble man, appropriately praised by former President Obama.

Happy Hanukkah! It starts at sunset tonight (December 2, 2018). Are you excited about the holidays? Or do you feel more a sense of anxiety and concern about having enough money and being able to do enough for your family? In this newsletter we do our best to suggest ways you can reduce money worries and even find time to experience a season of wonder and joy…

One step might be to enjoy a bit of escapism and see the new movie “Mary Poppins Returns.” It looks like a lot of fun and is appropriately all about magic and hope. Could be an excellent way to spend some of your hard earned cash.

And how about sports? Lots of important games as the NFL marches toward Super Bowl LIII. And it doesn’t have to cost you anything( if you don’t bet)…

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December Free Money Highlights

Speaking of betting on games (or not): if you are considering it, be careful. Some folks get so excited about a so-called “sure thing” they may go so far as to get a Payday Loan to get cash to make a bet. Don’t do it! And if you’re even considering it take a look at our article about Personal Loans. Get the real scoop on Payday Loans and learn about some other alternatives.

Are you all signed up for your healthcare plan? If not you have until December 15 (coming fast!) to take care of it. Check out the recent update to our review of to find out what to do about it. Don’t ignore it: you have options regardless of your current status. And you don’t want to risk getting hit with a penalty.

Did you know that there are a number of ways that you can get prescription drugs for free or at a reduced cost? It’s true — and you can do so at several grocery store chains. Not all medications are included in the programs, but you can get a lot of very common generic drugs including antibiotics and drugs used for chronic conditions. Definitely worth checking out stores in your local area, especially all you typically need to “qualify” is a doctor’s prescription.

The grocery chains that reportedly offer such programs include Meijer, Publix, ShopRite, Price Chopper, and Reasor’s Foods. And if they don’t carry a specific drug you need be sure to ask if your medication is available in a generic version that you can get for free. If so you should be able to have your doctor change your prescription to the free generic drug.

Grants for Personal Needs

If none of that works out for you and you’re in a tough situation, see our article called I Need Help. It covers both short term, emergency situations and other longer term issues.

Are you curious about who the heck gets the billions and billions of dollars that are given out each year in grants from the Federal Government? Until recently there was an official government website called Federal Grant Recipient Categories which spelled it all out pretty well. But we’ve discovered that site no longer exists. The information in our review of Federal Grant Recipient Categories still remains valid. Our latest update lets you know where else you can go to get similar information including the dollar amounts received by specific recipients. And you can find out how to view recipient categories for specific government agencies.

Grants for Moms

Of course all moms could probably use some help, but we focus here on widows with children and grants for single moms. Our latest update to Grants for Widows with Children presents a scholarship that is offered specifically to this category of moms. Check out if you are a widow with children and you’re trying to finish school. Or if you want to get back to school to get your degree and/or to gain skills needed for a job.

And don’t feel left out if you’re a single mom looking for some help! We’ve discovered what looks like a pretty interesting grant for “Kickass Single Moms”. This $1,000 grant is offered monthly by “Kickass Wealthy Mommy.” Be sure to discover more in Grants for Single Moms.

Grants for Churches

This month’s update to Grants for Churches reviews the importance of Foundations as a potential source of funds for churches. It also includes an important alert about a potential new tax. This tax could have a major impact on many houses of worship as well as other nonprofit organizations. Be sure to check out the lates in Grants for Churches.

Grants for Business

Looking to start or grow your own business? This is the economic environment to do it in! Get ready to start the new year with some great advice — and sources for financial assistance you may never have heard of!

Our Business topics provide a wealth of tips and tricks for getting the funds — and the expertise — you need to be successful as your own boss. Our top articles to help you on your way include Fund a Startup Business, Small Business Ideas, Grants to Start a Business, Small Business Financing Opportunities, and Small Business Grants for Women. You can also find some great advice for getting help from the Minority Business Development Agency.

Grants for Home

It’s winter and that means more tough weather. Have you been putting off home repairs because of the expenses involved? If so it’s time to check out some ways you might be able to get some assistance getting them done. There are many programs which provide financial assistance and many of them operate locally with funds provided to communities by the federal government. See how to look for and find help in your own neighborhood and see what other options are available. Your family’s health and safety could depend on it — and many programs are specifically aimed at those kinds of serious cases. And that means you might qualify for programs you weren’t aware of. Find out more in Grants for Home Repair.

Happy Holidays!

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