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The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and its continuing activity usher in September with a sad and serious note. We mourn the dead and pray for the families and friends who have lost so much. Note: if you or loved ones need assistance go to Hurricane Harvey Resources by FEMA. And kudos to Sandra Bullock and to President Trump for personally donating $1 million to the Red Cross to help folks in Texas.

On another serious note, the National Safety Council warns that this will be the most deadly Labor Day holiday since 2008. This forecast is due to the improving economy and lower gas prices. So enjoy your long weekend as we honor the labor movement but take care on the road.

You and/or your kids have probably started school. Did you know that it’s against the law in the state of Virginia for schools to start before Labor Day? Could be a good place to live!

Speaking of school: if you’re dreaming of spending time abroad as part of your studies, we’ve got a brand new article on Travel Grants that could help you out. And there are lots of updates about promising grants for women, researchers, home buyers and more in our September Free Money Highlights:

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September Free Money Highlights

Travel Grants

Do you long to travel but don’t have the necessary funds? There are government agencies, private companies, foundations and non-profits that would like to help you fulfill your dream. In our most recent article Travel Grants we cover grants that can help students spend one of their college years abroad, grants that are for graduating high school seniors, grants for those who want to do volunteer projects in other countries, professionals in writing and photography and those who would just like some financial help to fund their travels. Sound too good to be true? Take a look, you may be surprised at how many opportunities are available for Travel Grants.

Money For Business

Business Loans: Do you know what well known company (you probably use) has loaned overt three billion dollars to small businesses? You may be surprised when you see the answer in our August update to Small Business Financing Opportunities.

Business Help for Latinos: The government’s Minority Business Development Agency has announced a new program to support Hispanics in business: a partnership with the Latino Coalition. They will help further many goals of the Coalition and will also focus on working to grow the number and success of Latino owned businesses. Check out our review of and update to the Minority Business Development Agency website and see what they could do for you.

Help for Women in Business: What major corporation has started a new incubator for women-owned startups? We share in our recent update to Grants for Women. See who has invested about $5 million to support women’s businesses and plans to provide support between $2.5-$5 million annually.

Business Counselors Available: Could you use an experienced business counselor? One who truly has your best interests and success at heart? You can get one — for free — and lots more at the SBA. Check out our review of and recent update regarding the Small Business Administration.

Recovery Act Project Information: Are you tired of trying to get information from the website It’s pretty much defunct now — but you can get some great information about Recovery-funded projects on the website about Federal Business Opportunities. Discover more in our recent updates about and (You can actually find more than 38000 federal business opportunities listed, and that includes projects that were funded by the Recovery Act!).

Still Looking for Your Small Business Idea?: How about a business you can start for less than $2000, and one that allows you to spend your time working on something you love? Our article Small Business Ideas is hot off the press with a number of examples you might be able to take and run with —- or they could at least give you some ideas about finding and starting the business that is just right for you. Check out Small Business Ideas…their impact on your life could be anything but small…

Money for Housing

HARP, HARP, HARP: You might be tired of hearing about it but if you haven’ t given it a shot you could really be missing something good. September 30 is coming up faster than you think, and so far that is the final deadline for taking advantage of this government gift known as the HARP program. Don’t miss it, and for heaven’s sake don’t go into retirement “upside down” on your mortgage. It’s a mistake, and one you don’t need to make. While you still can, take a look at Assistance for HARP Eligibility.

OK, not a homeowner but want to be one? And you’re saddled with lots of student debt? You must, must, must see our latest update to Government Grants to Purchase a Home. Be sure to explore programs offered by your state: take a look at this amazing program that will give you a mortgage with no payments and the money all goes to paying off your student debt. Huh? We’re serious: check out Government Grants to Purchase a Home.

Good News for Veterans in Hawaii!: Wow, please see our August 2017 update to Grants for Veterans. Did you know that Hawaii has the highest rate of veteran homelessness? Now a corporation has donated a significant amount to help homeless veterans — to get housing, to fight addiction, and more. Good news!

Money For Personal Needs

Are you a researcher who has feared that the current administration would cut off funding that supports grants? Take a look at our latest update about Grants for Research about major grants planned at NIH.

Think you have it tougher than others trying to pay off your student debt because you’re single? Well it’s true that pretty much means you’re on your own, but there are actually some real benefits to handling this solo. Check out Grants to Pay Off Student Debt to get some great tips on getting rid of that burden.

If you or a loved one is getting out of prison soon and facing the serious challenges of “reentry”, the Social Security Administration’s new prerelease program could give you an important boost. Check out the August update to Grants for Felons to see what a difference it can make.

Need a car? Assistance varies from state to state but there are some really good programs out there to help you get some wheels. See more in Money for a Car.

Finally, if you’ll be traveling by car this Labor Day Weekend please take care - and enjoy our final summer holiday!

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