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September: sparkling days and a break from hot and humid weather. Excited about Apple’s upcoming announcements about new iPhones and perhaps some other products? Rumors are that top of the line phones will cost close to $1100. There may also be a great new phone closer to $700. Stay tuned…

A new NFL Football season begins!. On Sept. 6 the Philadelphia Eagles, fresh off their Super Bowl Championship,, will play the Atlanta Falcons. Meanwhile sports commentators are abuzz about the Ravens sitting out RGIII in their preseason finale game. Are they pavoiding possible injury or considering a trade …? If college football is more your thing it’s starting too. Experts are hot on Auburn, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Florida State and even Northern Illinois.

Now, with kids back to school, enjoy more free time to yourself! Catch up on the latest Free Money News. Updates are packed with tips and tricks for improving your money situation — especially the challenges of paying for school, finding housing, getting money for your business, and even for personal needs. You may not be able to get the hottest new iPhone but you could very well be surprised at what you can do!

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September Free Money Highlights

Grants for Business

Ever heard of “Angel Investors”? These are individuals with money to spend who invest in new companies. Our most recent update to Grants for Business tells you how to find them…

Want to learn a clever way to promote your local neighborhood business and get customers without spending any money? Check our our latest tip in Small Business Ideas!

If you a female entrepreneur operating in the area of the arts, Grants for Women reveals a grant specifically for you. Need help training your workers? Learn how you could get help from the government as well as from other sources near you in our recently updated article about Grants for Small Business.

If your business is a non-profit there may be grants out there that are not widely publicized. That’s because the grant maker does not want to receive lots of applications from organizations in which they have no interest. We’ve updated our article about Grants for Nonprofits to show you how to make yourself known to foundations with goals similar to yours. Then you might be able to get on the “short list” of applicants they want to hear from.

Grants for School

Scholarships: Scholarships really are “free money” because they are financial awards that never need to be repaid. Lost of them have a lot of competition because they are well known and relatively easy to apply for. You should probably apply for all scholarships for which you qualify. But you might also want to spend some time finding less well known contests that have a lot less competition — which increases your chances of winning. See the latest in Scholarship Information for news about how find these less competitive scholarships.

Speaking of Scholarships, don’t ignore scholarship contests. There are lots of them out there and we report on one you might not have heard of….

By now we’re sure you know how important it is to apply for the FAFSA! We’ve updated FAFSA on ed.Gov with important tips about applying — like why you should apply even if your family has a big income and super tips about 529 accounts that could make a big difference to the size of the financial award you could receive. Be sure to check it out and remember, applications are now open in October and October is coming right up!

Grants for Home

Are you one of the thousands of homes in desperate need of home repairs? Or maybe not desperate but certainly important home repairs you just can’t afford to get done? Grants for Home Repair’s latest update reports on some great sources of help with your home repairs and how to find them near you. It’s full of great information about programs that can help you.

If you have been dreaming of owning your own home but you just can’t come up with the down payment, or you don’t feel like you can compete with other folks bidding on the home you want, be sure to see our article about Grants for First Time Homebuyers. And our latest update reports on a clever new strategy that can get you your downpayment and even make your offer competitive with others’ all-cash offers…. don’t miss it!

Grants for Personal Needs

Did you know that there are ways that you can work and earn an income and still continue to receive SSI Disability payments? See the latest in our review of

If you are looking for a personal loan but don’t want to end up just making your financial situation worse, be sure to read our latest update on Personal Loans. There’s a new source that bases its loans on new technology that allows it to offer loans at about one sevenths the cost of other lenders. Added benefits include a customized repayment plan that fits your budget and help improving your credit score. Take a look in Personal Loans.

Amazingly, there’s about $43 billion (yes, billion) in unclaimed money and other property in the U.S. Searching to see if any of it belongs to you is pretty easy and you should be aware that it is free — you don’t have to pay anyone a fee to do it for you. You do have to be aware of some potential scams and people who might want to take advantage of you. But you should also know that there are some pretty great stories about people who have discovered some considerable amounts of money they can claim. See the lates in our review of missing

Tax season is behind us for 2018 but April 2019 will come around faster than you think! It’s a good idea to plan your strategy for getting help early on. Free Tax Help can help you identify sources near you. And its latest update provides an important warning about being aware of what you may be allowing free help providers to do with your personal information. Good to know even if you’re not really ready to think about taxes just yet….

On a lighter note our recent article about Travel Grants has an update about some $2000 grants available for traveler wanna-be’s!

If you’ve heard about something called Basic Income you may be curious to know the latest. Find out about that and the role of politics in movements to offer a guaranteed income to everyone in Free Money.

Help for Addiction is available! We’ve updated this article with information about how to learn what’s available and how you can get the information you need — including specialized information for vets and others dealing with pain management and struggling with opioid abuse.

Have you tried to find grants on and gotten overwhelmed? See the latest in U.S. Government Grant Department about other sources of some cool grants you might be able to qualify for without sorting through a ton of information…. And if you do want to pursue looking for a grant at find out about its new mobile app in our latest update.

If you find it hard to keep up with or find out about benefits you could qualify for, sign up for a newsletter that will keep you informed. Discover how in our review of

Grants for Widows with Children: More Resources offers some very useful new information about coping with grief.

Grants: More Tips and Updates

  • Important Grant Related Terms includes new information about Foundation Grants and where to find them.
  • Top Ten Things to Know About Grants shares important research to do on your own organization before applying for a grant.
  • Learn about an easy way to apply to multiple organizations for a grant by using the Common Grant Application in the New York/New Jersey area.
  • State Grants are super important to pay attention to! Our lates updates for some of our state-specific grant articles include some fun grants for kids and teachers in Illinois and major grants for ocean-related projects in Texas (with an application deadline coming up September 21!).

Happy Labor Day!!

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