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Looking for Free Money? Many terms are used for money: grants, aid, assistance, … Discover facts about Free Money and Small Grants below. This Free Grants Community provides clear, well-organized information you can use to win your part of the billions awarded each year. We promote honesty, support and the free sharing of ideas. Join our Community today!

The ultimate in “Free Money” is Unclaimed Money because it is money that was rightfully yours to begin with. Billions of dollars in unclaimed property are being held by the states. You don’t have to pay anyone to find it, you just need to know where and how to look. Discover the best tips and tricks to find unclaimed money for free.

Update: Obama's Stimulus Funding: As of May 2013 over $359 billion has been awarded from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. And there is still money that has not been awarded! Learn more at Grants for Business and at

Attention Students: The FAFSA is your ticket to free financial aid from the government. Students receive thousands to pay for classes, books, and more! Explore aid options at Scholarship Information and Scholarship Contests. Find out within minutes if you qualify for a Pell Grant by taking our quick quiz!

Free Money and Small Grants

Federal Aid: Grants are not the same as federal aid. If you are seeking federal assistance because you are in a difficult financial situation, please visit our section on Federal Aid. And check U. S. Government Grant Department to see what federal agencies actually provide grants. If your need is more urgent, see our article called I Need Help.

Small Business: Find out the real story about Grants for Small Business! And check out our articles on Small Business Financing Opportunities and Black Business Resources.

Government Grants To Purchase or Repair A Home: There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about this topic. Learn the facts at Government Grants To Purchase A Home and at Grants For Home Repair. Trying to buy your first home? Check out help for first time homebuyers as well.

Grants in California summarizes the extensive array of grants available to Californians. It includes sample opportunities available now including those for individuals and non-profits.

Grants in Texas: Here's a guide to multiple resources for identifying Texas grants. These include assistance for college that goes beyond maximum federal grants, grants in the humanities and state grants in a wide range of areas.

Heard the buzz about billions in unclaimed money? See if some of it is yours – read Free Unclaimed Money to discover how. If you're in California (or ever lived there) definitely check out Find Unclaimed Money in California. And be sure to read our review of the site missing

Microfinance: Are you having trouble breaking into the sometimes intimidating world of grants? If you are an individual or small business wth financial need, then you may benefit from Microfinancing In The United States.

Do I Qualify For A Pell Grant?

Find out fast by taking our Quick-6 Pell Grant Quiz! Pell Grants are need-based awards for education that you never need to pay back. It costs nothing to apply for a Pell Grant so don't be fooled by scams. Take our quiz to find out if you are eligible and learn how to apply for free.

Free Grant Community

The community part of this site is a Wiki (kind of like Wikipedia) that lets you share your experience and get advice and support from the community. A lot of easily available information on Grants and Money is misleading; we provide a community-based site to promote honesty and the free sharing of ideas. To learn more, visit our Community Welcome page.

As part of our ongoing community development, we've recently added an interview. Read the Q&A With John McGhee About Getting Grants.

What Are Grants?

A grant is an award of money or other assistance that does not have to be paid back (hence the term: free money). There are grants for business, grants for education, grants for research, grants for non-profits, grants for artists, and more. Those who give grants are typically government entities, businesses, private foundations or trusts. Those applying for grants include non-profit organziations, educational institutions, and individuals as well as government entities.

For an overview of government grants, see Federal Grants. If you are an individual looking for help because you are having financial difficulties you should check out Federal Assistance in the United States.

Applying for a grant is a process and typically involves an application. Filling out this application is known as Grant Writing (also referred to as proposals or submissions). Learn how to win the grant by reading: Writing a Good Grant Proposal.

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Free Grants Community

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